Zenuity delivers a high-end software stack for advanced driver assistance system and automated driving, building the real-life safety benchmark to which other products will be compared.

Zenuity is building a modular ADAS and AD systems that can be scaled from vehicles that need cost-efficient NCAP solution, to vehicles that need the latest and greatest autonomous driving features. One of its strengths is the capability to deliver a complete software stack that encompasses algorithms for computer vision, sensor fusion, decision making and vehicle control, but also applications that run in the cloud. The combination of scalability and completeness allows for fast application cross vehicle variants and vehicle lines, as reuse of software modules minimizes verification and validation efforts.

Zenuity wishes to further develop and test its driver assistance systems by using the ADASIS v2 protocol Horizon Reconstructor Blockset.

Learn more about Zenuity at https://www.zenuity.com/