14th Open Auto Drive Forum

The 14th Open Auto Drive Forum Event takes place on 23 September as an online meeting at 17:00-21:00 CEST (11:00 - 15:00 EST). During the meeting, the standardisation initiatives ADASIS, NDS, SENSORIS, SIP-adus, TISA, TN-ITS and ASAM OpenX will update participants on...

Mando Corporation joins ADASIS membership

Mando Corporation was established in 1962 and has developed into a global company encompassing core parts, which are the basis of safe vehicles, to high value-added future cutting-edge automotive parts, based on talented human resources, cutting-edge technology and...

DeepMap becomes Member of ADASIS

DeepMap Inc., a high-definition mapping solutions and localisation provider, joined the ADASIS community. Founded in April 2016, DeepMap delivers the technology necessary for self-driving vehicles to navigate in a complex and unpredictable environment. Today, it has a...

Join ADASIS at the 26th ITS World Congress in Singapore

ADASIS Members, in collaboration with Members from other Innovation Platforms, are preparing some very interesting content for this year’s ITS World Congress, which is taking place from 21 to 25 October in Singapore. Visitors will have the chance to take a look at the...

IVIS becomes Member of ADASIS

ADASIS has the pleasure to welcome a new Member: IVIS. Founded in 2010 in Korea, IVIS is synonym of expertise in navigation application software and vehicle infotainment software system. The company has been mainly active in developing IVI software for major OEMs...

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