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Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

Born in January 2021 from the merger of Hitachi Automotive Systems, Keihin, Showa, and Nissin
Kogyo, Hitachi Astemo provides Advanced Sustainable Technologies for Mobility to the automotive and motorcycle industries as a leader in CASE technologies that include connectivity, autonomous driving, and electrification.

With 90,000 employees spread over 27 countries, Hitachi Astemo has the scale and technical expertise to pursue rapidly changing technologies while providing comprehensive coverage to our OEM customers and partners across the globe. Building on the strengths of our four founding companies, our diverse human resources are committed to providing mobility solutions that reduce environmental impact, increase traffic safety, and improve comfort.

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ADAS Control Unit (ADAS ECU)

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) control unit, equipped with a high-performance CPU and numerous communication interfaces such as CAN, LIN, and Ethernet, can simultaneously process information and control algorithms from vehicle sensors and cameras. As an independent unit, it facilitates the expansion and adoption of driver assistance and preventive safety functions.

ADAS:Advanced Driver Assistance systems
ECU: Electronic Control Unit

AD Control Unit (AD ECU)

In addition to the control CPU used in ADAS-ECU, AD ECU is equipped with a high-performance CPU for processing large amounts of data for image processing and various communication processes, allowing signal processing from vehicle sensors, data fusion, and control algorithms to be processed by this component alone.

CAN, Ethernet, and LIN communication ports are available for information input/output and interactive control with other components.

AD: Autonomous Driving
ECU: Electronic Control Unit

Map Positioning Unit (MPU)

The map position unit generates information around the vehicle based on the vehicle’s position. The data is supplied by satellite positioning, inertial navigation, and others to provide highly accurate lane-level navigation for automatic driving ECU and ADAS ECU to support integrated vehicle control. In addition, OTA (Over The Air) enables wireless, automated map updating.

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