ADASIS participates to the 11th Open Auto Drive Forum

The 11th Open Auto Drive Forum took place in Belmont, California, hosted by the Electronics Research Lab (ERL) of Volkswagen Group of America. The well-attended meeting focused on Autonomous Driving and on the technologies required for its development, with the key...

ADASIS welcomes a new Member: Zenuity

Zenuity delivers a high-end software stack for advanced driver assistance system and automated driving, building the real-life safety benchmark to which other products will be compared. Zenuity is building a modular ADAS and AD systems that can be scaled from vehicles...

ADASIS welcomes Huawei as new member

It is a busy start of the year for ADASIS AISBL, welcoming a new member: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.. Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, bringing integrated solutions across four...

Looking back at a successful 2018

New year, new start. ADASIS can officially look back at a successful 2018, where important results were achieved, such as the shift from the ADASIS Forum into ADASIS AISBL and the successful launch of the ADASIS V3 specification.  Such results were possible thanks to...

ADASIS present at SIP-adus Workshop 2018 in Tokyo

From 13 to 15 November, ERTICO and ADASIS AISBL coordinator Jean-Charles Pandazis presented ADASIS and highlights of its new specification v3 as part of the Dynamic Map session at the 5th SIP-adus Workshop organised by the Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation...

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