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WAYS1 specializes in geo-spatial information, developing and providing services for navigation maps, High-definition maps for automated driving, and local dynamic map system based on HD Map.

Business area

  1. HD Map for Automated Driving
    Building road and spatial data for autonomous vehicles.
    WAYS1 builds 3D spatial information of lanes, road facilities, and signages for automated
  2. Local Dynamic Map(LDM) system – cooperative RSU & OBU
    Collecting, processing, sending dynamic information for cooperative automated driving.
    WAYS1’s LDM technology connects vehicles to each other and to road infrastructure to enable cooperative automated driving.
  3. Navigation
    Our map and application are cumulations of real-time information and the basis for mobility service and automated driving.
    We conduct all aspects of map-making from road survey to compilation, delivering the best
    and the latest data to our clients and developing map-based applications.

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WAYS1 is working with partners in automated-driving vehicles through numerous R&D projects in Korea. We develop products equipped with ADASIS to deliver the data that automated-driving vehicle companies need, and our ADASIS v3 has been expanded with customized messages to meet the various needs of our partners.

LDM2X developed by WAYS1 is a system that collects, stores, manages, and transmits real-time data (nearby vehicles, traffic signal information, etc.) and information about events on the road (accidents, constructions, etc.). LDM2X manages not only static data such as map data but also dynamic data. WAYS1 is currently developing WAYS1 ADASIS solution with ADASIS v3 based on LDM2X. The dynamic data collected into LDM2X RSU(Road Side Unit) is delivered to LDM2X OBU(On Board Unit) through the system infrastructure before finally reaching the automated-driving system. A customized profile message (DynamicObjProfile) has been added to ADASIS v3 for dynamic data transmission. We also developed and added AHP(ADASIS Horizon Provider; ADASIS generator) to LDM2X OBU in addition to AHR (ADASIS Horizon Reconstructor) that can be used on automated-driving systems.

WAYS1 ADASIS solution

WAYS1 is currently developing an AHR visualization program for Windows and Linux OS for easier application of ADASIS on automated-driving vehicles. AHR DISPLAY program allows real-time monitoring of data being received.

Sample WAYS1 AHR display

Benefit of using ADASIS

Currently, there is no standardized interface for map data and dynamic information on vehicles. Each part and project is developed by different entities, which adds time and cost to the products. When on-vehicle interfaces are standardized using ADASIS, the time and cost of development can be cut down, while automated-driving vehicles can more easily receive dynamic information.


Jaehee Kim, CTO, swdad@ways1.com

Chulhwan Yoon, Senior Research Engineer, ych@ways1.com

WAYS1 Inc., Uiwang-si Gyeonggi-do Korea, www.ways1.com/eng