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NavInfo is a China-based technology company leading the way to becoming the “digital brain of intelligent driving” with core businesses in HD map, high precision positioning, cloud service platform and automotive-grade semiconductors for ADAS and autonomous driving. Founded in 2002, NavInfo is the market leader in navigation map, navigation software development, dynamic traffic information, location big data and customized connected vehicle services to both passenger and commercial vehicles. Now, NavInfo is ushering in the new era of automotive industry with a comprehensive technology development strategy and laying the foundation to become one of the most trustworthy smart mobility solution providers in the China market and beyond.

Map Engine Product

HD Map is essential to the success of autonomous driving. To provide autonomous driving developers with plug-and-play one-stop HD map services, NavInfo has developed and launched the HD Map Engine product, to offer you easy access to leverage the rich information and extended application capability from HD Map. Among those core capabilities, EHP packages Adasis compliant standardized HD map data to provide to AD functions, in order to serve as one sensor data source.

NavInfo HD Map engine, provides autonomous driving developers with instant access to HD Map services. Empower autonomous-driving applications with efficient, cost-effective, safe and accurate in-vehicle map service engine, to enhance whole system capability.

Benefit of using ADASIS

Unified specification helps to create standardized product which could be applicable for most system suppliers and OEM.

Continuous iteration of standard and specification enables empowering our product competency, and maximum address requirements of AD functions.