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MXNAVI CO., LTD. was founded in 2008 and currently has more than 900 employees. The company is an innovative telematics technology firm committed to develop scenario-based mobility services.

MXNAVI was awarded many national certifications like High-tech Enterprise Certification and Key Software Enterprise Certification. In addition, MXNAVI is also an active member of international cutting-edge technology associations such as NDS, GENIVI, ADASIS and SENSORIS.

As an innovative high tech company, MXNAVI concentrates on technology and products innovations in the field of intelligent vehicle and smart mobility, thereby seven domains have been established including Connected Navigation, Intelligent Cockpit, City-Level Parking Solution, Intelligent T-Box, Digital Vehicle Solution, Positioning for Autonomous Driving and HAD Map Services. Accordingly, giant companies like IFLYTEK and TENCENT gravitated to establish strategic cooperation with MXNAVI.

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MXNAVI provides an ADASIS protocol based solution that provides ADASISv3 data to the vehicle based on high-precision map and positioning algorithms, providing more decision-making information for the vehicle’s assisted driving. At the same time, it also provides customized Horizon Reconstruction of ADASISv2 to provide personalized service for the vehicle, which is convenient for the ECU to use data more easily.


Benefit of using ADASIS

ADASIS provides standard interface protocols for applications, reducing the cost of development for all parties. ADASISV2 provides necessary road information for auxiliary driving, and satisfies the function use of vehicle and machine side on the premise of reducing bandwidth and flow. ADASISV3 provides more data at the Lane level to help assist driving.


Ms. Yan Geng, Software Engineer, Shenyang Mxnavi Co., Ltd., Shenyang, P. R. China,

Mr. Baodong Chen, MXNAVI ADASIS Team Leader, Shenyang Mxnavi Co., Ltd., Shenyang, P. R. China,