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Mitsubishi Electric (MIE1) was established in 1921 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. For more than 100 years, we have created and manufactured high-quality products to improve people’s life. Leveraging from our various business units, our Automotive Equipment portfolio includes xEV inverters, xEV motors, driver monitoring systems, infotainment systems, high-definition positioning ECUs and many more enablers for autonomous driving. The Automotive Equipment Group of Mitsubishi Electric consists of a global production and sales network with 32 branches in 17 countries.

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High-Precision Positioning ECU – HD-Locator

The Mitsubishi Electric HD-Locator provides a reliable, accurate position to enable automated and autonomous driving applications. By using advanced positioning technology and augmentation signals, we have achieved a cm-level positioning accuracy. Our device can accurately provide lane-level information based on the current car position and the integrated HD-Map. The ADAS horizon output based on the latest ADASIS specification provides the necessary information to make autonomous driving safer – even in hazardous conditions.

Benefit of using ADASIS

By using ADASIS standards, our location-based systems for the automotive industry can be developed faster, cheaper, more robust and platform independent. As a member of the ADASIS forum, we also contribute with our expertise.


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