Mappers Co., Ltd.

Member since 2017

Mappers Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in October 2006, Mappers has been leading the domestic navigation market with ATLAN, our very own brand. Using precise self-developed digital maps and top-notch software technology, we continue to enhance our values by cooperating with global companies.

Mappers now focuses on developing solutions for the future of automobiles by further advancing our digital map and software technology. Mappers will form a new company vision through high-definition map (HD Map) and software development for automated vehicles, a key technology of the 4th industrial revolution.

  • HD Map Development & Updates for Automated Driving Vehicles
  • AI based Automated Driving Software Technology
  • Cloud based Navigation Online Service
  • Global Automotive OEM Contents & Navigation

Mappers and Korean National Project

Since 2017, Mappers has been participating in numerous automated driving-related projects funded by the government (development of core technologies and service platforms for automated driving, and more), and has been providing ADASIS V3 Protocol-based AHP and AHR to participating companies specializing in automated driving systems, precise positioning systems, and automated vehicles.

Mappers’ Mobile Mapping System surveys main roads to build HD maps nationwide. Accordingly, Mappers has also developed HD map verification software and continuously performs verification for AHP and AHR.

ADAS Horizon provider (Map ECU, AHP)

ADAS Horizon Reconstructor (Reconstructor, AHR)

Benefit of using ADASIS

The ADASIS V3 Protocol not only allows for the transmission of information necessary for automated vehicles but also enables the safe transmission of map data necessary for realizing localization and ADAS functions, thus can be extended to various ECUs of vehicles.

Cloud service data, such as traffic info, weather, etc., can now be transmitted in real-time through standard spec or custom profiles, we at Mappers expect to provide useful and various services for vehicles in the near future.