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HERE Technologies

As global mobility becomes increasingly connected, electrified and automated, HERE Technologies is leading the way to a safer, greener future.

Our location platform is integrated into more than 170 million vehicles across the planet, using fresh and accurate data that we have been building for over 35 years – and continue to refresh daily. Our experience in mapmaking has made HERE one of the leading innovators in location technology and spatial intelligence.

In our key markets, Automated and Connected Driving, Fleet Management and Supply Chain, we work with global brands, partners, developers, and customers so that together we can move the world forward.

Armed with critical location data and technology tools, we’re developing solutions that solve the biggest challenges that face us today and help us plan for a better future.

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HERE ADAS Map is a content product that enables Intellige

nt Speed Assistance (ISA), Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and electronic horizon solutions.

The product, which covers ADASIS v2 requirements, provides a high-definition representation of the real world and helps overcome the performance-limiting impact of bad weather on onboard car sensors. Availability of NDS volatile location IDs
enable interoperability of customer map-data with HERE content.

By enabling speed control functionality, it helps carmakers achieve higher NCAP ratings and enables drivers to benefit from greater awareness, comfort and safety through ADAS.

HERE HD Live Map

HERE HD Live Map helps autonomous vehicles understand their precise position and surroundings. The product is a highly-detailed, cloud-based map for autonomous systems. It’s updated with sensor data from connected vehicles. HERE HD Live Map enables a self-driving vehicle to plan beyond sensor visibility, apply contextual awareness of its environment and process local road rules to make safer and more pro-active driving decisions. In doing so, it brings together critical pieces of the self-driving puzzle to enhance trust in autonomous driving solutions and pave the way for automated driving.

The HD Lane Model provides precise, lane level detail to assist self-driving vehicles. It supports high-definition lane topology and geometry, modelled with 3D positions. It also enables additional redundancy for advanced ADAS features using the ADASIS v3 standard. The HD Localization layer contains accurate road furniture, such as signs and poles. Vehicles also use its near-exact location for path planning and other decision-making functions.

Benefit of using ADASIS

As a founding member of the ADASIS forum, HERE Technologies is committed to steer the future of Automated driving. A close cooperation with all HERE Technologies partners and customers has been facilitated by developing the ADASIS standards. By avoiding road accidents and optimizing fuel usage, the ADASIS standard has contributed to the HERE goal of a safer, greener future.