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EnGIS Technologies
EnGIS Technologies, Inc. is a leading software development company that develops connected navigation software, ADAS, mobility and over-the-air (OTA) software solutions for the automotive industry. Founded in 1998, EnGIS is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with offices in Europe. EnGIS has a distinguished and successful track record of providing feature-rich, innovative automotive-grade software solutions. The EnGIS business model is based upon being a responsive and flexible organisation that works very closely with its customer to fulfil their requirements. EnGIS’ client list
includes global automakers, Tier 1s, in addition to a range of industry partnerships.

For more information, please visit www.engistech.com.

EnGIS eHorizon
EnGIS eHorizon extends the vehicle’s vision beyond what is visible to its sensors. ADAS map data contains detailed information on road geometry, slope, number of lanes, traffic signs, speed limits etc. This data can be used by the vehicle in the form of a ‘long range’ eHorizon. EnGIS supports NDS.Classic map data format in addition to several other formats available from automotive map suppliers as well as supporting map compilation in a proprietary format based on RDF data. Additionally, EnGIS are currently working on development for support of NDS.Live format to allow for a more flexible and scalable solution using a modular approach. EnGIS eHorizon solution is compliant with ADASIS v2 / v3 and also supports OEM proprietary formats. EnGIS offers both a connected and onboard eHorizon product.

EnGIS Connected eHorizon 

The on-board map engine requests map data from the off-board map engine based on the location data from the vehicle sensors and the amount of map data required for lookahead in the routing direction and/or the most probable paths (MPP). Partial map data is stored onboard as a map cache. The off-board map engine connects to the map server enabling transfer of map data based on requests from the on-board map engine.

Figure 1 – EnGIS eHorizon Architecture

EnGIS eHorizon software is delivered in the form of an embedded in-vehicle client. It contains a description of the road ahead including all attributes, all potential driving paths and the most probable path (MPP) from current position up to a certain depth for predictive, ADAS and automated driving functions.

Automotive companies employ EnGIS eHorizon software to support use cases such as Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA), which alerts drivers to current and approaching speed restrictions using both implicit and explicit speed limit information. Other applications include driver assistance applications, such as dynamic speed sign display and predictive deceleration control which can be used in conjunction with end of traffic jam warnings or hazardous road condition warnings; and electric vehicle (EV) applications, such as drive range optimization and battery management. EnGIS eHorizon software is also used by transportation and fleet management companies to optimize vehicle and driver allocation, as well as to improve safety and convenience.

Figure 2 – EnGIS eHorizon in logistics use case

EnGIS eHorizon Software Toolkit
EnGIS offers its customers a highly configurable eHorizon toolkit, currently available on Android and RPi, to help design and refine ADAS use cases in all phases of product development. The kit includes a constructor and reconstructor with functionality for MPP configuration, map visualisation, simulation, and data logging among others.
Benefits of using ADASIS
ADASIS provides the automotive industry with a well-considered global standard that can encourage and drive the advancement of ADAS use cases, making our roads safer for everyone.