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Elektrobit is an award-winning and visionary global vendor of embedded and connected software products and services for the automotive industry. A leader in automotive software with over 35 years serving the industry, Elektrobit’s software powers over five billion devices in more than 600 million vehicles and offers flexible, innovative solutions for car infrastructure software, connectivity & security, automated driving and related tools, and user experience. Elektrobit is a wholly-owned, independently-operated subsidiary of Continental.

Electronic Horizon solutions- EB robinos Predictor

Comprehensive solution for accurate and up-to-date information about the road ahead

Vehicles and drivers greatly benefit from information beyond the sensor horizon for a safer and more comfortable ride. EB robinos Predictor provides highly accurate and up-to-date information about the road ahead for predictive, ADAS, and automated driving functions. Our offering consists of two core components, both supporting ADASIS v2 and ADASIS v3: EB robinos Provider to make the most recent SD and HD map data available and EB robinos Reconstructor to reassemble and efficiently store relevant electronic horizon data.

Did you know? In 2018, Elektrobit was awarded with defining the reference implementation of the ADASIS v3 Provider and Reconstructor by ADASIS Forum.

Out-of-the-box ADASIS Provider for R&D

We work together with leading map providers such as HERE or TomTom to provide the most suitable solution for your specific needs. By supporting the latest map material (for ADASIS v2 and v3), Elektrobit also provides an out-of-the-box ADASIS Provider for your R&D activities: the EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit. Using a GNSS receiver as positioning source and recording/replaying test drives, the kit contains everything that is necessary to run EB robinos Predictor instantly within your development environment.

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Dirk Spiesswinkel
Product Manager – EB robinos Predictor