Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia

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CTAG – Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia

CTAG is a private and independent R&D technological centre focused on the automotive and mobility sector, providing engineering services to OEMs and automotive suppliers. A big part of its activity is devoted to the investigation and development of ADAS and Connected & Automated Driving Systems.

Project example using ADASIS standard: Map supplier for Automated Driving

This application is hosted on a specific ECU within the autonomous prototypes, where it is in charge of receiving vehicle’s position and heading, consulting a HD map database, and extracting the information associated to the vicinity of the vehicle. ADASISv3 standard is then used to serialize the obtained structure and send it over UDP to the rest of the systems requiring map input. The image below depicts reception and decoding of the ADASISv3 format on the ADAS & AD visualization application.

Benefit of using ADASIS

HD Maps is a key technology for next generation Autonomous Driving. In this context, ADASIS provides a clear, flexible and scalable standard to structure map information during the process of being communicated to a particular system. All necessary features for the development of ADAS & AD systems have been covered so far.


José Luis Rodríguez. Perception and AI Manager. ADAS and AD & Connected Smart Mobility Department.