ADASIS will be prominently featured at the 30th ITS World Congress, set to take place in Dubai on 16-20 September. The event, organised by ERTICO – ITS Europe and hosted by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), will present the latest advancements in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), highlighting the theme “Mobility Driven by ITS.”

One of the significant highlights for ADASIS at the Congress will be the participation of the Coordinator Jean-Charles Pandazis in the Special Interest Session #88 “Challenges on Data Sharing and Combination of Standards for Safety Data Services,” planned on Friday, 20th September, at 9AM (local time). This session will explore the complexities and potential solutions related to data sharing and the integration of diverse standards to enhance safety data services.

This session will focus on the integration of safety-relevant data from collection to the provision of services to users, such as drivers. Discussions will cover the combination of various data exchange standards, including SENSORIS, TISA, and TN-ITS. The critical aspects of trustworthiness, such as data quality and reliability, timeliness, data latency, data security, and data sovereignty, essential for user acceptance, will be addressed.

The implementation and impact of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), mandated for new vehicle models and types since July 2022, will be explored, along with other use cases such as end-of-queue information, obstacles on the road, and weather conditions. These topics are particularly relevant in light of the European Commission’s initiative for a common European Mobility Data Space (EMDS), aimed at facilitating access to, pooling, and sharing data from existing and future transport and mobility databases.

In addition to the session, ADASIS will be featured at the ERTICO European Pavilion with a dedicated booth. This presence will offer attendees an opportunity to learn more about ADASIS’s latest innovations and engage with representatives to discuss the future of intelligent transportation and safety data services.

This edition of the ITS World Congress will gather experts, industry leaders, and stakeholders from around the globe to discuss and demonstrate cutting-edge ITS services and solutions. The event promises to be a significant platform for showcasing technological advancements and fostering discussions on the future of intelligent transportation systems.

Read more about the Congress, here, and have a look a the day-to-day programme.

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