Mando Corporation was established in 1962 and has developed into a global company encompassing core parts, which are the basis of safe vehicles, to high value-added future cutting-edge automotive parts, based on talented human resources, cutting-edge technology and production facilities, and leading quality competitiveness. Mando’s main products are ADAS/AD solutions as well as the breaking, steering and suspension systems supplied to national and global automobile companies and manufacturers. Mando’s ADAS main products are sensors, such as automotive radar, camera and DCU. Mando’s ADAS technologies are continuously advancing to realise highly autonomous driving and zero-accident smart vehicles.

The South Korean company provides actuators, sensors and scalable ADAS and AD solutions, and has extensive experience in mass production. Mando has already experience in developing and mass-producing ADAS system based on ADASIS v2, and has gained experience in developing highly autonomous driving system based on high definition maps.

High definition map with precise lane model is considered essential for the realisation of L4/5 automated driving system in the automotive industry. Because the need for map information is increasing, standardisation of the map interface specifications is very important for the development of autonomous driving systems. Realisation of an autonomous driving system or establishing a map interface specification are not possible by the company alone, and close collaboration among automakers, map providers, and ADAS/AD solution providers is a must. As ADAS/AD solution provider, Mando has joined ADASIS as member to contribute in the establishment of an ADASIS protocol. Mando’s experience in developing scalable ADAS and AD solutions will contribute to standardise the ADASIS protocol.

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