ADASIS Members, in collaboration with Members from other Innovation Platforms, are preparing some very interesting content for this year’s ITS World Congress, which is taking place from 21 to 25 October in Singapore. Visitors will have the chance to take a look at the two demonstrations that will run at stand 375 (TISA booth), in the European Pavilion.

The first demo is about ADASIS’ first interfacing of real-time traffic, organised together with GEWI’s TIC3 messages and Elektrobit’s (EB) ADASIS Electronic Horizon solution, the EB robinos Predictor.

This demonstration will show the first interfacing of real-time traffic data created by GEWI’s TIC for Work Zone, with GEWI creating traffic various different events. The aim is to demonstrate that AD relevant traffic event messages can be processed by ADASIS, and displayed by the Electronic Horizon Reconstructor. Elektrobit adopted its own ADASISv2 solution to be able to receive the events’ data (including the location) and transmit it as a part of the Electronic Horizon. A built-in Reconstructor will visualize the received Electronic Horizon, including traffic related information, with a positive outcome being the showcase of a live chain of the data flow.

The second demonstration will show additional scenarios for how dynamic traffic data can be applied in a context with mixed Automated Driving (AD) and conventional vehicle situations, such as opening and/or closing lanes for AD traffic or alerting drivers before the handover of the driving task, all by using a dynamic traffic simulation environment.

The demonstrations are a part of bigger “demo chain” and will run at all times at TISA booth and upon request.

Visit us at the European Pavilion on Level 4 at booth 375, we look forward meeting you!