During this year’s Paris Motor Show, visitors will have a chance to experience the value of the ADASIS v2 standard for driver assistance systems. The ADASIS v2 standard is increasingly requested and adopted by car manufacturers following years of intense collaboration across the automotive industry.

ADASIS v2 provides a standard specification to describe the road ahead of a vehicle using information from the navigation map. With this standard, map data can be used in conjunction with onboard sensors to improve driver assistance systems. For example, a vehicle can anticipate a change in the speed limit or a sharp curve ahead before these can be detected by a camera.

Map provider TomTom has developed an interactive demonstrator of their ADASIS v2 horizon provider. This is showcased at the Paris Motor Show at Hall 1, stand 212. Please visit TomTom to experience what the ADASIS v2 standard and map data does to enable next-generation driver assistance systems.