The ADASIS Forum has been organised in the following structure, illustrated in the figure below. (The Forum’s Terms of reference describe its organisation and rules in greater detail).

  • ADASIS Forum General Assembly – membership open to all those interested in ADASIS
  • Management Board – sector representatives
  • ERTICO acting as Coordinator
  • Current Working Groups (WG)


WG#  / lead WG Leader

Working Group title and short description

WG 1
Daimler AG
Alexander Bracht
Define the software interface specifications necessary to build/access the electronic horizon, the methods to be applied to data entities, and the version and configuration handling
WG 2
New Features
Robert Bosch  Andre Schucht
New features
Management of new feature requests for the maintenance of ADAS Interface Specifications
WG 3
System manufacturers

Andreas Klein

Data protocol interoperability

General Assembly
The Forum’s General Assembly is its ultimate decision-making body. It meets at least once a year at ERTICO in Brussels and is chaired by the Chair of the Management Board. All ADASIS Forum results must be approved by the General Assembly prior to being released.

Management Board
The Management Board is composed of at least five members (natural persons and/or legal entities) elected by the General Assembly for a term of one year.

The main activities of the Management Board include:

  • Admitting new members
  • Deciding membership fees
  • Monitoring/assessing the Forum’s work progress
  • Establishing new Working Group(s) or Task Force(s) for coordinating or elaborating special topics when necessary
  • Proposing possible participation in EU-funded activities to the General Assembly.

The current Management Board consists of the following members (as June 2011):

ADAS suppliers:
Continental Automotive

Map & data providers:
Nokia L&C

Vehicle manufacturers:
Daimler (Chairman Alexander Bracht)

Navigation system manufacturers:
Robert Bosch

ERTICO is responsible for the coordination of the ADASIS Forum and its key tasks include:

  • Administrating ADASIS Forum membership
  • Preparing, participating, reporting and follow-up of Management Board meetings
  • Organising meetings of the Forum’s General Assembly
  • Administrating Forum documents
  • Advising the Forum on strategic issues
  • Creating and maintaining the Forum’s website
  • Carrying out communication measures (promotion, external appearance of the ADASIS Forum)
  • Managing the Forum’s financial matters